I’m Ben! My day job is Principal Techologist at Theorem, a financial technology startup, where I build machine learning models. When I’m not doing that, I also enjoy reading, making music, contra dancing, hiking, effective altruism, working on various projects, and many other strange activities. Here I write about some convex combination of math, computers, philosophy, effective altruism, and assorted miscellany.

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The volunteering paradox


Last post, I speculated on some alternatives to eating out for EA meetups. One such alternative is volunteering! It has many of the same benefits for community events as eating out. The only problem, of course, is that it’s an ineffective use of time.

Effective social norms: don’t eat out


Many communities have their own peculiar social norms. Effective altruism is too young to have them yet—which means we can still spend time optimizing them before they ossify. Here’s an example: I think that for EA events we should strongly prefer not to go out for food or drinks.

Two open-source music books


Today I’m excited to make available the code and downloads for two books of music I’ve collected for my periodic singing parties: one book of carols (Github, PDF) and one book of rounds (Github, PDF). I’ve used them for enough singing parties that I think I’ve worked out the worst of the kinks, so it’s time to release them.

Things that have taught me statistics


A collection of resources that I’ve learned statistics from, plus mini-reviews of each.

Links V: Art, Aristotle and American Fuzzy Lop


The New Development Economics • A computerized art critic • Word vs. LaTeX • Rescuing Aristotle • The sand trade • American Fuzzy Lop

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