I’m Ben! This is where I put things I write, usually about some convex combination of effective altruism, math, computers, philosophy, and other assorted miscellany.

By day I do machine learning at a small startup. Otherwise I enjoy reading, hiking, making music, contra dancing, fencing, and various other strange activities.

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My literature review process


Being able to do a thorough review of the academic literature is a pretty useful skill, and there are lots of topics I’d like to see a review of. So I’ve written up some notes about my process in the hope that they inspire you to do some literature reviewing of your own.

Surviving an open-plan office


In the depths of an open plan office, you learn many things. You learn how impossible it is to write computer programs with conversation in the background. You learn which of your coworkers care about how much money Warren Buffett has. But most importantly, you learn the tools of survival.

Here’s what I know.

I just sold half of a blog post


I’m excited to report that 50% of the impact of my donation matching literature review has just been purchased in the first round of Paul Christiano and Katja Grace’s impact purchase!

Readability, hackability, and abstraction


Suppose you’re writing a script to spin up servers for your web application…

Another restaurant replacement


On some silly San Francisco regulations that might help meetup groups solve the nice-space-without-food-costs problem.

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