[administrivia] Site migration


I finally decided to drop my aging and probably vulnerability-riddled Django 1.4 app and use a static site generator instead.

Don’t claw back employee options


Scott Kupor of Andreessen Horowitz recently suggested an alternative structure for employee stock options. I disagree with it strongly.

I apparently got 50% better at my job last month


…by spending 50% more time on the important parts instead of Slack/email/busywork/things I do when I’m unfocused. I actually didn’t even notice until I checked a monthly time tracking report–at which point I realized I had gotten an extra 40 hours of engineering work in September compared to August.

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I decided having two blogs wasn’t actually accomplishing my goal of having an outlet for lower-quality writing, because people kept submitting the lower-quality stuff to Hacker News too. Also, none of the lower-quality stuff ever turned into higher-quality posts on the main site. So my new plan is to …

Strangers Drowning


A short note: Larissa MacFarquhar’s book Strangers Drowning is coming out in a few days and is up for preorder now on Amazon. It’s series of profiles of “extreme do-gooders,” people whose lives are completely driven by their sense of morals, to the point of seeming crazy to most people–like adopting twenty disabled children, or donating their entire income to charity, or refusing to do the dishes because time spent doing dishes was time not spent averting the suffering of billions of chickens.

Autocomplete as an interface


Many programming environments offer autocomplete: the ability to guess what you’re about to type based on the first few letters you’ve typed. I’m used to thinking of autocomplete as a convenience tool that saves you a few keystrokes, but it’s much more than that.

Effective altruism and quantitative estimates


A while ago (because I’m slow at blogging) Zach Groff attempted a quantitative estimate of the impact of participating in collective action on the Effective Altruism Forum.

The comments there did a good job of criticizing Zach’s specific quantitative estimate, but I want to make a broader point …

Fixing Powerline in Emacs 24.5


I recently upgraded to Emacs 24.5 and my Powerline started looking crappy:

After dealing with the crappiness for about a month, I finally got fed up and tried to figure out why.

The source of the problem appears to be that:

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