Reasons blogs are awesome:

Here are some of my favorites!

(If you have a blog you think I’d like, you should email it to me! I promise to read at least one post and leave a comment. If I’m excited enough I’ll subscribe or add it here too.)



Software engineering blogs seem especially vulnerable to Sturgeon’s Law; I’ve only found a few consistently good ones.

Great but not underappreciated

These are awesome but also seem well-known among the kind of people I’d expect to like them so I’m not going to write up descriptions.


I don’t really know the best way to link to podcasts, but I think I’m supposed to tell you to just search for them in your podcast app?

Dormant; read the archives

I wish there was a better way to read blog archives than “all at once at 2 AM.” If only more people made reverse RSS feeds like Jeff Kaufman.

I’m probably biased

…because I know the authors. But also, I often like them because they have interesting thoughts which they also write about: