CFAR, one year later

A bit over a year ago, I attended CFAR’s May 2013 rationality workshop. Someone asked me recently whether I think it had any lasting effects. I think it has, in the following ways:1

On the other hand, here’s some things that I wish had stuck with me more:

The last two seem to be improving: for instance, CFAR is holding their first alumni reunion in August, and working on developing more material, especially on the epistemic side.

Overall, if you’re wondering, I’m really glad I went (and if this sounds interesting to you, check out their upcoming workshops—the interview is short and fun2)!

  1. Of course, although I’m sure that the CFAR workshop participated in the changes I list, I’m not sure about the counterfactual: some changes might have happened even if I hadn’t done the workshop, or had done a placebo instead (say, flying out to California for an unstructured hangout with a similar bunch of people). Please interpret these anecdata with caution. ↩︎

  2. As a side note, don’t be discouraged by the high tuition; they have enough financial aid that I paid something well within my means as a student. ↩︎


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