Frugality for EA-influenced spending patterns

June 2015

There are a surprising number of ways that you can effectively get permanent, low-effort, fairly large discounts on everyday spending–especially if you have the spending habits of a typical EAer (i.e., mostly necessities, relatively little eating out/entertainment, and strong credit). Here are some:

My main expense that isn’t covered by any of these is, of course, rent, but credit cards are not so eager to give people discounts on that… on the other hand, I’m sure there are other potential discounts I’m missing.

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Tom Ash

Nice, thanks for the plugin plugs! Blogged and Facebooked - and added to the EA Wiki article at because I assumed you wouldn’t mind, though you can of course edit that. You mind find other potential discounts there.


Josh Jacobson

So I, and at least a couple other EAs churn credit cards. The financial benefits of doing so far outweigh these.

I have an intro guide on my blog, which is up to date except that you should now use a Target Amex Prepaid Red Card to manufacture spend:…/

Most questions are asked and answered on page 4 in the comments.