Where I’m giving: Effective Altruism Policy Analytics

Now that EA Ventures has announced it, I’m excited to publicly disclose my donation to Effective Altruism Policy Analytics!

EAPA is essentially a scaling-up of the DC Effective Altruism policy comment project, plus more attempts to get feedback and engage with relevant experts. My funding is 1/3 of what will take the two founders to the end of the summer, which we hope will be enough time for them to get feedback on whether their comments are working and, if so, raise additional funding.

Here are some considerations that led me to give there instead of elsewhere:

I based my decision on a combination of EA Ventures’ evaluation, and a couple calls with Matthew Gentzel, a co-founder of EAPA. As one would expect for EA Ventures’ first recommendation, they covered most of the basics, but their evaluation had some gaps that I wanted to understand better before funding EAPA:

Fortunately, by talking directly to the EAPA folks I was able to resolve these concerns to my satisfaction, so I agreed to help fund them. I’m excited to see what they come up with this summer!


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