What I’ve been doing instead of writing

I’ve been too busy with work to write much recently, but in lieu of that, here’s a batch of links to other stuff I’ve been doing elsewhere.

The thing I’m most excited about:

This is probably a good time to mention that we are hiring! A lot! If you’re an engineer or engineering leader, and you like tracking your impact in units like “number of households lifted out of extreme poverty,"1 let’s talk.

Other non-writing activities:

As of now I feel pretty good about my plan to eventually get back to a normal workload, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to ship some new posts soon—I have a backlog I’m excited about!

  1. When mobile money succeeded in Kenya, (Suri and Jack 2016) found that it lifted 2% of all Kenyan households—almost a million people—out of extreme poverty. I think Wave has a strong chance of doing the same for the rest of sub-Saharan Africa! ↩︎


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