A bunch of links

April 2014

Okay, I’m hopping on the “posts full of links” bandwagon.

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Max Christian Hansen

Ben, there’s a lot of interesting reading here.

I’m struck by how strongly I agree about Less Wrong. I remember telling you how revelatory I found it when I first started in on the sequences. After a few hours’ reading I thought how brilliant it was to start out with Bayes Theorem. To some degree I’d realized the importance of Bayesian thinking from the time I first learned it in grad school, but after going through it in LW, I came to be of the opinion that not knowing Bayes is nearly tantamount to not knowing how to think. (The state I had been in for multiple decades.)

I’ll be going to Wenger’s blog first, since he seems to be daring to grapple with the same huge and high-level problems I dare to think about in my halting way.


Pablo Stafforini

On the agreement between correlational and experimental studies, there are some other studies cited in this comment thread.