The product

95% of the feed is crap, because 95% of everything is crap. But sometimes there are good things in the feed. You want to see the good things in the feed. You can’t miss out on the good things.

If you don’t check the feed often enough, the good things will be too far down and you won’t see them. So you need to check the feed.

You don’t really know how the feed works. Sometimes it shows you things in Bulgarian. Why does the feed think you speak Bulgarian? Mostly it shows you photos of people you barely know. Shouldn’t the feed know you barely know them?

The Bulgarian and the photos make it hard to find the good things. You need to check the feed a lot to make sure you don’t miss out.

You’re eating dinner. Your phone buzzes. It’s an important message from the Photo Assistant. You have a new memory. If you engage with the Assistant, the Assistant will show you your memory. The Assistant loves it when you show engagement. Dinner is not very engaging.

You engage with the message. Somewhere, a chart goes up. The Assistant shows you an album of your photos. The photos are intelligently grouped according to their date and location.

Your phone buzzes. Someone you once knew wrote something in a fundraiser. Your phone buzzes. If you act now, you can get 2% off your next ride. Your phone buzzes. You have been invited to a party 3000 miles away. Your phone buzzes. Your friend is typing. Your phone buzzes.

The little red dot says 5. Nothing else is red. That makes it easy to see. That’s good. Red is for danger. Missing a notification is dangerous. It might be one of the good ones.

You engage with the red dot. It goes away. That’s better.

The best is when someone likes you. If no one likes you, it’s boring. That means you need to engage more. If you engage more, people like you more.

It’s very easy to like things. You just engage with a button. That’s good. Your friends are liked, so they are happy. You are liked, so you are happy. Everyone is happy. The charts go up.

Your phone buzzes. Someone liked you. You engage with the like.

While you’re there, you look at the feed. You see a post in Bengali. You see an ad for shoes. You see a photo of a stranger’s baby.

If you engage with the ads, the feed makes money. That’s good. If it didn’t show you ads, it might ask you for money. You like not spending money. The best things in life are free.

You buy shoes from the ad. The feed makes money. The shoe people demand more engagement. Someone optimizes the shade of the red dot.


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