Status update

Starting next week, I’ll be moving from Theorem to Wave! I’ll be working on all parts of their app, which provides instant, low-cost remittances to Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

After working for a year, making some donations and thinking about my future plans, I started to get less excited about earning to give as a strategy. There are a number of people doing super awesome earning to give already, and there are lots more who are about to start. So it seems like in the medium- to long-term, money will probably become less important for effective altruism, relative to working directly on creating new giving opportunities.

When I initially decided to earn to give, it was partly on the basis that there were very few opportunities for direct impact that matched my skillset. Most tech organizations that claim to help people are really just marginal improvements on existing tech for already well-off US citizens. But Wave seems like a pretty exceptional opportunity in that regard—a clearly valuable product for a pretty underserved group.

So I decided to follow Ruthie’s excellent lead and join them. I’m looking forward to working with their incredible team to bring fast, affordable remittances to immigrants everywhere!


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